Motion Design

Red Bull Worldies

Rebranding project I worked while at Mainframe for a new show called Red Bull Worldies. The programme was a countdown format and my role was to create 3 sets of the numbers 1-5, using a 3D treatment to build the numbers out of relevant objects and materials linked to extreme sports. I worked on the whole process, from concept through to finished animated stings. This project was created in Cinema 4D and rendered with Vray. More from Mainframe below.


We were thrilled to work with Red Bull and UMTV on the graphics package for their countdown show 'Worldies'. With 30 episodes showcasing the most incredible moments in action sports, variety was key to keep each one fresh. Using abstracted visual cues echoing the sports featured throughout the show, we created a set of 15 Number Stings as well as the Title Sequence and In-Show Graphics package. This is a highlight reel of some of the number stings.

Watch the shows here -

Client: Red Bull
Production: UMTV
Design/Animation: Mainframe

Frame Sand02.jpg
Frame Ice03.jpg
Frame Ramp05.jpg