Motion Design

For Approval

This was a fun internal project worked on while at Mainframe. During some downtime we decided to come up with a loose concept and create a number of isolated shots around that theme. I was involved with concept through to finished animation. More from Mainframe below.

This was an experimental film put together simply as an opportunity to have a play in-between projects. After much deliberation we set ourselves a brief to create a collection of scenarios subverting the physical properties of...anything. It made for some interesting comments along the way. “That egg’s not bouncy enough, the cloth coming out of the tap needs to feel more like water, the bowling ball needs to feel heavier as it floats off…”. We suddenly realised we were playing our own client (hence the in-joke above) This is ;·)
We've started lots of these projects over the years. This rare creature is one that's finally found its way out of the studio. And no, it wasn’t at all annoying to see this peach appear on Vimeo half way through the process. ◔_◔
All produced in Maya 2017, rendered in Vray and composited in After Effects.